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TestPlant is an international software business that develops the eggPlant range of software test automation tools addressing different types of testing, from functional, to load and performance. Their main product, Eggplant Functional, is capable of automating tasks on any operating system, it is technology agnostic and is non-invasive. Headquartered in London, TestPlant has development centers in the US and the UK, with sales and support centers in the US, the UK, Germany, and Asia, as well as an extensive network of business partners.

Together with venture capital from Seraphim Capital it made its first acquisition, that of Redstone Software, then a subsidiary of Gresham Computing, creators of a software testing platform called eggPlant.[1]

TestPlant's products are used in over 30 countries by more than 350 enterprise customers. These customers span across sectors, from Financial Services, Automotive, and Healthcare and Life Sciences, to Media and Entertainment, Retail, and Defense and Aerospace. TestPlant teamed up with UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) to provide eggPlant software quality tools to their Defense and Security wing named DSO.[2]

In 2010 TestPlant recorded a turnover of £2.5 million with a sales growth rate of 104 percent. The successful foray into China with UKTI support has led the company to expand into other developing markets such as India. 'Gateway to Global Growth' led by UKTI allowed TestPlant to acquire more experienced exporters for their service towards China.[3]

In 2011, their software testing tool, eggPlant, received a patent for functionality towards performing tests on a system from a remote computer through the use of Virtual Network Computing (VNC).[4]

By 2013, TestPlant bought the Facilita Forecast Performance Testing Tool this was further developed and renamed to eggPlant Performance.

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Digital Automation Intelligence
Web and HTTP Testing, Mobile Device (phones/tablets) testing, Browser Compatibility, Cross-Browser Testing, GUI - User Interface Testing
eggPlant for Mobile
Test Automation Framework, Screen capture/reading/Comparison, Mobile Device (phones/tablets) testing, GUI - User Interface Testing
eggPlant Performance
Load/Performance Testing
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